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Experience Glinda's unique technology,
from AI-based mobile scanning to generative AI and AI 3D editing.

Scan Technology
of Glinda AIMI

Glinda offers two modes of 3D scanning experience to fit your mobile needs.
Unlike most 3D scanning apps that compute on a server to generate a 3D model and deliver the results,
VisualSyn's mobile 3D Scan technology generates results in real-time on the mobile,
so 3D generation time is fast, and there is no additional cost.
  • Mobile LiDAR 3D Scan

    We have developed a technology that creates a 3D mesh model
    by computing information collected using a LiDAR sensor mounted

    on a mobile in real time. Anyone can quickly and easily scan
    spaces and objects with their mobile to create 3D models,
    which can be edited and utilized as assets using the built-in Crop Tool.
    * Currently IOS Only
  • Mobile Depth Estimation AI 3D Scan

    If the user's mobile is not equipped with LiDAR, you can create
    a 3D model with scanning technology with Depth Estimation WebGPU based AI technology.
    When a user scans in the same way as a LiDAR scan,
    as if taking a video,
    AI computes the stored image from the user's camera directly
    on the mobile to create a 3D scan.
    There are no server computations, which dramatically saves time and money.
    * IOS & Android

AI-based scan technology

Glinda AIMI introduces various WebGPU based AI technologies to 3D scanning to make it easier for ordinary users to edit 3D scan models. To this end, the newly designed VisualSyn 3D Architecture enables Glinda AIMI to apply more powerful AI editing technologies. AI modules work with mobile 3D scanning to perform preprocessing, such as object segmentation and SOD, to make editing and asset creation more accessible and faster.

segmentation scan

Leveraging our proprietary AI technology that recognizes spaces and objects individually,
we can classify and scan objects in real time
when taking mobile scans with the Glinda scanning app.

Salient Object Detection [SOD]

While space and objects are typically scanned as a combined result,
VisualSyn has developed a method that utilizes SOD WebGPU based AI technology to
scan only objects separately from their backgrounds,
which saves users the hassle of post-scan editing.
* SOD: A technique for finding the most salient and attention-grabbing objects in the video and segmenting the full range of those objects.

Create 3D Models with AI Image/Video-Based Generation

Create 3D assets using a sequence of images or video.
By default, LiDAR sensors are utilized to create 3D assets,
but we have implemented a technology that utilizes AI to
create 3D assets without LiDAR sensors.

AI editing technology

Now, non-professionals can create amazing metaverse spaces with Glinda's AI-based 3D editing technology. Typically, 3D scanned models are created with textures mapped onto a single mesh, making them difficult and time-consuming for the average user without specialized 3D editing tools or knowledge. VisualSyn has applied various AI technologies to the editing function so that anyone can easily edit scanned models to create assets. With our AI editing technology, you can create and use 3D assets effortlessly.
  • Object

    While conventional 3D scanning methods recognize the entire scanned area as a single mass, VisualSyn's 3D scanning method applies proprietary WebGPU based AI technology to recognize space and individual objects separately. Glinda's object classification technology will make it easier for users to make detailed spatial edits.
  • AI Eraser

    For 3D assets created by users using the Glinda scanning app or in-platform generative AI,
    you can leverage object recognition technology to erase areas with the help of AI easily.
    The object eraser will erase the selected object, while the spatial eraser will erase everything except the selected area. This is the first application of the technology to the 3D marketplace.
  • GAN Texture

    When a user edits a 3D model with the AI Eraser feature, a mesh is automatically generated to fill the deleted space.
    In this case, if there is a clear difference between the newly generated and existing textures, the content may appear low-quality.
    Generating a high-quality texture for the space is difficult and time consuming for most users to do by themselves.
    To solve this problem, we developed GAN Texture Generation technology that automatically generates and maps textures that match the surroundings and applied it to both the editor built into the Glinda Scanning App and the platform’s WebGPU editor.

AI technology

With Glinda, you can create whatever you can imagine!
Glinda AIMI includes a variety of generative AI asset generators to make it easy for users to create their own assets.
Users can create their favorite assets using WebGPU-based generative AI provided by the Glinda AIMI platform without any installation or setup.
Assets created with GenAI are automatically saved to the cloud and can be used as your own Metaverse assets on the Glinda platform.